General terms

Booking General terms and conditions

This document is used to regulate the general conditions of booking, of use and the on-line reservation services of the city of Petra.

The use of these services, implies full acceptance and the validity of all the general conditions that are considered automatically incorporated in the contract written with ciudad de Petra without requiring the written transcript. As a client you must be 18 years or older and legally capable of making a booking.

This website aims to inform about our accommodation on offer and the serviceof el txoko…and offers the user the possibilityto request availability and make a reservation.


To make a reservation in any of the apartments or El txoko you must fill in your details on our on-line form and click on ‘send’.

Once the reservation is made the user will receive an e-mail stating that the reservation request is pending confirmation. Within 24 hours the user will receive an e-mail confirming if the reservation has been successful and once the deposit has been received the reservation will be confirmed. The user should verify the confirmation and notify ciudad de Petra immediately of any error or any unacceptable conditions. The reservation can only be confirmed and guaranteed by a deposit or with a credit card. To make a reservation the user must used their own credit card. Debit cards will be subject to checks and authorization by the card issuer. If the user fails to authorize the reservation amount, the reservation cannot be completed. To hire any of the services offered by ciudad de Petra a credit card is necessary. The credit card is used as a guarantee by the manager and the guests.

The apartments of CP have a minimum stay of 2 nights in off-peak season and 5 nights in mid and peak season.

Cancellations and no-shows

The credit card is Orly a means of guarantee.

Should you decide to leave early the guests will not have the right to get their deposit back.

Articulo 36 del CAPITULO V

Once a reservation has been cancelled the owner reserves the right to retain the following percentage:

A) 5% when the cancellation is made 30 days before the confirmation date.
B) 50% when the cancellation is made 30 days or less and more than 7.
C) 100% when the cancellation is made with less than 7 days.

The reservation may be cancelled in the event of a no-show before 20.00.

The same rules apply for reservations in El Txoko… Besides if we have supplied any food or drink, or the booking of any person, when cancelled within 7 days of the booking or in the case of a no-show, 100% will be charged.
The bill will be sent to the address in the registration form.

Check-in time in Ciudad de Petra apartments are from 16.00h to 19.00h in July and August. The rest of the year from 12.00h. Check-out should be before 12.00am on the last day. We reserve the right to charge an additional day after 12pm.

Check-in at El txoko… will be shown on our web.


The prices are shown on the website. We reserve the right to modify the price without notice, but these changes will not affect confirmed reservations.

Number of guests and age

The reservation should show the correct number of people occupying the apartment, without excluding any children . please be aware Ciudad de Petra can legally refuse the entry of undeclared guests without compensation.

Ciudad de Petra should be informed before the reservation date if the guests are under 18. we reserve the right to refuse accommodation to people under 18 without the presence of an adult.

The same rules apply to El Txoko….involving the number of guests, including children.
You will need our approval in advance when dealing with unaccompanied minors under the age of 18.

Using the services

It is the users’ of services provided by Ciudad de Petra responsibility to obey the law, the morality, good habits and public policy as shown in the terms and conditions. Consequently, it is forbidden to use any service with illegal purpose or contradicting the booking terms and conditions, against the rights and interests of third parties in any way, can damage the services, it’s image and Ciudad de Petra brand.

Ciudad de Petra doesn’t allow animals.

Web contents

The web contents are owned by ciudad…and cannot be copied, reused, distributed, forwarded, published, loaned, transformed or used for public or commercial purpose. The use of these contents or any property related to this website will be subject to authorization.


Ciudad de Petra can, with the benefit of the users, change at any time and without warning, the hired services or operation and technical use of the services. Equally, the users, to improve the service and obtain the best level of quality from Ciudad de Petra, can suggest changes that they feel are useful, by contacting the owners via e-mail.

Information and privacy protection

Protection of personal information of the users of ciudad de Petra. The user of the services provided on is voluntarily providing personal data and accepts that Ciudad de Petra will use it and add it to a file with the purpose of being able to offer it’s services. Ciudad de Petra will be responsible for this registered and validated file.

The account holders have at any time the right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose and revoke the authorization non retrospectively. To use these rights it will be enough to contact Ciudad de Petra by e-mail or writing to this addres: Avda. Ledorat nº 37 Santillana del Mar (Cantabria)  España.

Ciudad de Petra guarantees they have used adequate security measures in its premises, systems and files. Also guarantees the confidentiality of the personal details, although will forward them onto the public authorities, should they request them according to the law and regulations that may apply.

The users of guarantee and are responsible of, in any case, the truth, accuracy, validity and authenticity of personal details given and they also commit to keep them properly updated.

The services of Ciudad de Petra are not available to people under 18 and don’t keep or collect information from minors.

Law and Jurisdiction

These booking terms and conditions are governed by the Spanish law. Ciudad de petra and the users , to resolve any controversy that may arise, with respect to the validation, implementation, or resolution , full or partial, are submitted, renouncing to their own jurisdiction or any other, in favour of the courts of Cantabria.